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Understanding the deck style is a must in choosing the best longboard deck; therefore, any beginner who is finding a suitable longboard must understand this part clearly. In this post, let's break down the concept of longboard deck styles.

When considering the basics of longboard decks (, skaters must not ignore this criterion. You need to remember that the higher the board is, the less stability and more fatigue you will get because the center of gravity is higher than usual.

On the other hand, a lower board will offer less leverage and you need to toss quick carves when turning. Depending on your needs, you can either choose the following deck styles: Top-mount longboards: the traditional and cheapest type of longboard decks with the deck is mounted above the trucks. This style is slightly less stable as the center of mass is higher. However, this style is versatile and can be used for all skating styles.

Drop-through longboards: the trucks will now be mounted through the deck. This construction enhances stability and provides less fatigue when braking or pushing. Freeride, commuting, and downhill skaters are those who use this style the most.

Drop-deck longboards: this is a bit odd when the area that your feet are put on is now lower than the trucks. Similar to the drop-through model, this style offers better stability and less fatigue. Drop-decks are mainly used for downhill longboarding and freeriding. Double-drop longboards: this style features both drop-through and drop-deck style and combines the advantages of both types.

However, the complex construction will cost you more than the general one. Manufacturers specially designed their products for downhill skaters who seek both speed and stability at the same time. These are the most fundamental criteria for longboard deck styles. To learn how to choose a good longboard, you can visit SkateAdvisors ( and check out the buying guide there


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