March 2019

Recent & Upcoming Publications

Reformation of the Senses: The Paradox of Religious Belief and Practice in Germany

University of Illinois Press, 2018

Jacob Baum

Texas Tech Univ.

Before the Gregorian Reform: The Latin Church at the Turn of the First Millennium

Cornell University Press, 2016

John Howe

Texas Tech Univ.,

Improvisation and Inventio in the Performance of Medieval Music: A Practical Approach

Oxford University Press, 2018

Angela Mariani

Texas Tech Univ.

Shifting Ethnicities in Spain and Gaul, 500-700: From Romans to Goths and Franks

Amsterdam University Press, 2018

Erica Buchberger

Univ. of Texas, Rio Grande Valley

Medieval Pedagogical Writings

Kismet Press, 2018

Sarah Lynch

Angelo State Univ.

To Win and Lose a Medieval Battle, Nájera (April 3, 1367): A Pyrrhic Victory for the Black Prince

Brill, 2017

Dona Kagay & Andy Villalon

Univ. of Dallas & Univ. of Cincinnati

A Companion to Medieval Toledo: Reconsidering the Canons

Brill, 2018

Yasmine Beale-Rivera

Texas State Univ.