Registration for the Virtual 2021 Texas Medieval Annual Meeting
is available at this link.


In order to attend the Zoom conference, participants and attendees must register.


A week before the conference, you will receive an e-mail with information on how to access the two Zoom "meeting rooms" where the conference will take place:

Room "Alfonso el Sabio" (Stream A)
Room "Berenguela" (Stream B)

You will need the Zoom link and passcode to enter each "room,"
but you will be able to switch between rooms to see panels in both places.

For more information on how to attend TEMA 2021 via Zoom, visit our
"How to Attend TEMA 2021" page 

The registration fee for this year’s TEMA conference is $5.
You may also consider registering at the $25 or $50 level.  Any amount over $5 will go toward
one or more TEMA’s campaigns below.  Your generosity will be greatly appreciated!

(If you have a preference for one or more campaigns, please contact

Graduate Student Prize (for best graduate paper at TEMA 2021) Fund
Family/Child/Elder Care Fund to support the attendance of caregivers at the 2021 TEMA conference
Texas Medieval Association General Fund for future conference activities

TEMA 2021 program