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2023 Plenary Speaker

 Irina Dumitrescu, University of Bonn 
“Medieval Divas: The Medieval Prehistory of Celebrity”

Irina Dumitrescu is a writer and the professor for medieval English literature at the University of Bonn. Her monograph, The Experience of Education in Anglo-Saxon Literature, was published by Cambridge UP in 2018. Her first post was as an assistant professor in medieval literature here at SMU. Recent editorial projects include a special issue of Medieval Feminist Forum on “Everyday Arts: Craft, Voice, Performance” with Emma O’Loughlin Bérat and an issue of New Literary History entitled “In Brief,” with Bruce Holsinger. A public intellectual and prize-winning culinary writer as well as scholarly medievalist, she is a columnist at the Times Literary Supplement, co-hosts a podcast at the London Review of Books with Mary Wellesley, and contributes essays, criticism, and memoir to a wide variety of outlets. 

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